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Why Purple?

You might have seen my signs along the road before the primary.  A big beautiful diagonal purple line with ‘Geis’ in white.  Why didn’t I go with a Red, White & Blue motif?  Or why not Blue, the ‘Democratic’ color.  

I choose purple because of how it is created.  Purple is what happens when you mix two opposing colors, blue & red, together to create something new and beautiful.  Purple symbolizes, to me, the coming together to find common ground.

For too long our country, state and community have been polarized and divided by fiery talk from media that is more entertainment than news.  We have been misled by bogus social media purposely created to divide us.  But we are rural Ohioans!  We have been raised to be neighborly, to each other, to protect our community, to listen and try to understand each other, to build community.  That is neighborliness.  Doing the right thing for our neighbors during hard times.  That is helping one another.  Watching out for friends and family, keeping an eye on neighborhood kids, helping elderly neighbors.  That is protecting our community.  It doesn’t matter if your neighbor is a democrat or republican.  It doesn’t matter if your friend has different views than you.  You do what is right.  Find a happy medium.  Make sure everyone has a chance to be heard.  That is what purple means to me.

We have to stop arguing with each other and start listening to one another.  There is common ground to be found in every subject, if we are wise enough to look for it.

Upcoming Events

9/12 and 9/14 Guernsey County Fair


9/27 Fall Banquet at the VFW in Zanesville 6pm


9/29 Cassell Fire Department Open House 9am

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