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     Underemployment is rising.  Underemployment means that the jobs people are working aren’t providing a livable standard of living.  Although unemployment is down, many of those jobs are low pay, part time jobs, which leaves many Ohioans underemployed.  

    We also suffer from predatory employers who take advantage of salaried employee over-time work, use short-term staffing or only provide part-time jobs to avoid providing benefits.

   We cannot continue this pattern of the only good jobs being boom and bust cycles and other available work having little pay and few benefits.  People cannot plan and build a career, a family or a future with these short-term jobs or part-time work.

    Government investment in education and infrastructure in rural areas can attract better jobs and provide people with a secure economic future.  We can work together to bring long term good paying jobs to our community. We need to bring together the different state and local offices and community agencies to find how to create better jobs and prepare our community for those opportunities.  I will go to bat for the working class.  I want to:

  • Pull together the different groups that deal with employment and job growth, streamlining and focusing their efforts
  • Bring tested, sustainable growth strategies to our district
  • Encourage creation of jobs with a livable wage and keep working families from leaving our community
  • Research and utilize proven, evidence based strategies to reduce poverty
  • Fight for the working men and women of our district


“Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom”  George Washington Carver.

     Education is the basis of our children’s ability to compete in a modern economy and society.  In the past, schooling was a priority and education was respected, but that is no longer true.  Many people were not given the same opportunities because of the funding structure.  
     Today’s children are facing those same educational problems or are receiving substandard educations outside of our excellent public schools.  
     The unconstitutional funding structure unfairly distributes funds through out the state.
    Our current failed policies allow For-Profit schools to drain our public districts of more money that the state provides.  It does not hold these schools accountable for their students education as public schools are.  
     Now is not the time to limit our children’s future by diverting educational funds to For-Profit schools, increasing class sizes and burdening teachers. We must reaffirm our commitment and obligation to prepare our future leaders.  I will be an advocate for our children and our teachers.  I will fight for:

  • Reduced class sizes, giving students the individual attention that is so needed in understanding
  • Legislation that only allows the state portion of funding to leave a school district when a child open enrolls
  • Making For-Profit schools accountable to their students
  • Legislation that fairly funds our schools.
  • Revisiting our testing strategies, making sure we are providing a true education and not burdening teachers with unnecessary mandates
  • Increased early childhood educational opportunities for all Ohioans
  • Increased vocational education, providing lifetime skills for sustainable jobs
  • Making college affordable for the students who appreciate education
  • Increased access to technology in classrooms

   Our current educational crisis did not happen by accident.  It was started by the failing policies of the Governor and current legislators and has continued for the past 7-8 years.  The reduction of school funding, draining of funds and lack of oversight on For-Profit schools was put in place and maintained by our current legislators.

Health Care, Opioids and Addiction

     Our community is plagued by health care costs, suicides, depression and addiction.  We must address these issues to make our community better.

    Everywhere I go in our district, folks say one of their biggest concerns is paying for health care.  How sad is it that our friends and neighbors must have fundraisers and benefit concerts to help pay for medical expenses? It is distressing to talk to seniors that worry about having to choose between paying for medications and buying food.

    Drug addiction is a symptom of a struggling economy and it takes a toll on our community.  Drug addiction stems from a combination of struggling community, lack of good employment opportunities, few social resources and bonds, mental health issues and easy access to drugs.  

    We must combine educational, medical and law enforcement resources to help those with drug addictions. By pooling all of our assets, we can streamline addiction support and get people the help the need.  We must also research and implement proven recovery methods. Honest and comprehensive education on drugs, addiction and mental health can reduce the number of people becoming drug dependent.I will stand up for the families suffering from addiction in our community.  I want to:

  • Open more recovery beds to reduce wait time for treatment
  • Continue to fight for affordable health care in our community
  • Boost the assets of agencies (like children’s services and foster care) hit hard by the epidemic
  • Provide incentives for medical and mental health professionals to relocate to rural areas
  • Bolster our medical and law enforcement responses


     Infrastructure (roads, buildings, power supplies, telephone and internet utilities) is important for the economic growth and the future of southeast Ohio.  At one time, Ohio made the investment in our roads, bridges, and railroads a priority. We built an amazing infrastructure that fueled a growing economy in the private sector.  

     But the state took funding from our local governments and now, our infrastructure is crumbling and our government’s investment in rural infrastructure lags behind Ohio’s metro areas. Our roads are filled with potholes and many repairs are short-term band-aids, not long-term solutions.  We need modern reliable infrastructure to attract companies that provide sustainable and good paying jobs.

      The roads of Muskingum and Guerensy county need to be repaired and improved for the future.  These roads and Interstates 70 and 77 are critical for the current and future business of the region.  Expansion of our airports will allow commercial growth. The development of rural high-speed internet can attract the jobs of the 21st Century and beyond.  We can do all this and more.   Let’s invest in our future!

     I will battle for businesses and rural Ohio’s future.    I want to:

  • Meet with and listen to our citizens and businesses to meet their infrastructure needs
  • Replace the local government funding taken away by the state
  • Propose policies that can create an attractive location for  sustainable, good paying jobs
  • Push for more access to broadband internet in rural areas
  • Bring local and state government together to invest in our infrastructure